Stefanie Langaa

I am an archaeologist in all its conventional meaning and consequence. I’m deeply devoted to things, digging holes, oversized orange hi-vis workwear, fast changing weather (in Denmark, more often than not, this means wet) and the never-ending quest attempting to comprehend humanity through its material remains.

For me, curiosity is what drives archaeology. I do not believe that we as human beings are meant to understand everything. Therefore, I feel more drawn by the process; pondering meaning, coincidence, agency (human and material), time and my own impact on these things.

Archaeology is about challenging the ways in which we speculate, not settling for easy answers or clear-cut narratives. Not dividing archaeology into rigid sub-fields but embracing its myriad possibilities.
Ultimately, it is about keeping the curiosity alive.


Thanks go to:

Museum Vestsjælland: For donating the flint & for lending me photo equipment
Johnni Løvkvist Christensen: For sound/lights/photography & for endless support
Line John Gad Stausgaard: For interacting with URO
Theodor Præst Nymark Jensen: For renting out your gallery (
Rasmus Meilvang Larsen: For lending me a professional camera
Morten Petersen: For technical photography support
Bri Reid: For being my go-to English advisor
Nami: For donating an old bicycle wheel
Tim Flohr Sørensen: For academic sparring
Stine Sofie Løvkvist & Martin Juul Petersen: For webdesign support