What places value on things? The use of things as indicators of, for example, social status has been a well-known phenomenon throughout the ages and is still taking place in this modern age. It also appears that the more unique an object, the more value it commands. The following objects portray the natural patina of seven flint flakes selected from a total of 1405 decommissioned flint objects stripped of cultural or historical value.

Through photo documentation, the surfaces of seven flint flakes are portrayed in all their uniqueness, raising questions about the value of these particular flint flakes. If not of cultural or historical value, then what? Is it possible for objects to obtain value through artistic renditions? And is it at all possible to deprive these flint flakes of their inherent cultural value, having been made by people approximately 6000 years ago?

This leads me to wonder, if this prehistoric trash can in fact be treasure in the present; what does this tell us about the human capacity to reconsider and adapt our understanding of things?

What do you think?

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