– The Auction is now closed. Thanks goes out to everyone who participated! – 

As part of my research (see Object #001-#009) I have chosen to put my photo prints up for auction. This then involves not only my own subjective musings on evaluation, but also yours. Prices will start at 210 DKK, which is the cost price of the prints and their frames. All frames measure 70 x 50 cm.

Bids can (no more) be submitted by email to: slj@upcyclingprehistory.com, please include which object (e.g., ‘Object #003’) and your bid in the subject field. All emails will be answered when the auction closes on March 1st. The highest bidders will be contacted directly regarding pick up / shipment.

Excess funds will be used for potential shipping (if pick up in Copenhagen is not possible) and any remaining funds will be donated to the local organisation Karavane 908 which focuses on art, culture, music and creative events, as well as building, plant and food workshops.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at slj@upcyclingprehistory.com!

Object #001

Object #002

Object #003


Object #004


Object #005


Object #007


Object #009